In Lieu of TEC

So I’ve abandoned all strict regularity in regards to The Echo Chambers as you may or may not have noticed. I’ve always done well with deadlines, but not so much with assignments. It’s a strange distinction, I’ll grant you, but there you go. So The Echo Chambers will continue with the ultimate goal of posts three times a week, but I can’t promise it. Alas, when one has a full-time job, it’s hard to do everything one wants to do in the limited space that remains between the work that pays the bills and the work that keeps the household functional.

Sketches 003 Edited

I’ve also been exploring some of the hobbies I’ve let drop off over the years. In fact, TEC is what inspired me to get back into art and painting.

 My friend, the Lovely K, slipped in the little mind-seed that TEC could work well as a graphic novel. With no income, connections, or time to seek out a compatible artist to explore this possibility, I decided to dust off the old pencils and give it a go myself. 

I just had one problem: in the 10+ years of formal art education, I successfully avoided all figure drawing classes.

Beehive Painting

That’s right. I’d never drawn a full person. I excelled at parts, oddly enough. Eyes and hands mostly, as all good art class teenagers must sketch and imbue with Great Meaning. So I found a website that offered still images for practice, joined a weekly figure drawing group, and bought a big sketchbook. I have the TEC pictures in my head. We’ll see if they make it out in any way similar to the mental images, though I still have some practice to do.

I’ve also been practicing with a new style of painting, in keeping with my exploration of the comics design. It’s been fun and productive, even if it’s mostly behind the scenes. I just wanted to give thanks to all those who have and will continue to stick around. Venturing beyond our comfort zones is how we learn and grow, and it’s easier to do with support.


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