About the Author

Nicole ReillanNicole Reillan has been scribbling at one thing or another for most of her life. She supports her addictions to caffeine, books, games, and yarn with a day job in the printing industry. She also finds writing in the third person unsettling, eschews television in favor of Minecraft videos, and vehemently dislikes horror movies though the books are fine.

Nicole writes character-driven stories that explore the recurring theme of loneliness through both paranormal romance and contemporary humor. Though as yet unpublished, she’s pretty damn stubborn and keeps plugging away in the hopes of one day seeing her name on a cover. Hopefully one just like the awesome mock cover her friend Jonathan made for her.

Nicole 113In the off chance she’s not reading or writing, Nicole enjoys a variety of creative outlets that includes painting, sketching, and teaching herself to knit. She hopes to teach herself web design and video editing next, though a few hours might need to be added to the day to accomplish that.

She currently lives in Alaska with one asshole cat and one sweetheart cat, both of whom occasionally decide to swap personas with the apparent intent to drive her crazy. Highlights of her life have included sharing five years with Reggie, aka the  best basset hound ever; driving from Austin to Alaska with her mother, one cat, three birds, and a dog; taking a left turn in Albuquerque; and having the love and support of her wonderful family and friends.

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